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Tyus Jones Makes A Parting Statement

Sounds like he's pretty happy with his time at Duke, and not just because of the title.

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Tyus Jones makes an emotional statement via Instagram about his time at Duke.
Tyus Jones makes an emotional statement via Instagram about his time at Duke.
Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

Tyus Jones declared for the NBA draft on Wednesday, as you know, and then he posted this on Instagram:

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"I want to say thank you to Duke University, the best University in the country for everything it has done for me. Thank you to all the fans for their endless support and for being the best fans in the world. Thank you to my teammates who quickly became my brothers, for allowing me to be myself and also pushing me to become better on and off the court. Thank you to all the coaches for all the work they did with me. And lastly, thank you to this man, who gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity, who taught me so much on the court, but more than just basketball, he also taught me how to become a better man, brother, son, teammates and much more. I'll forever be thankful, and will always be a Duke Blue Devil!"

In case it wasn't obvious, that last bit was directed at Coach K. That's about as cool as Cuba Gooding Jr.'s thank you to Jerry Maguire and should be useful in recruiting, even if Duke doesn't bring it up (and it doesn't have to).

Here are some links about Jones' move. He had an extraordinary year. We'll be following his NBA career closely and like all Duke fans, wish him, Jahlil Okafor and Justise Winslow all the best as they move forward in their careers.