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Blue Devils Get Commitment From 6-11 Antonio Vrancovic

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Son of a European big man, Antonio is developing into a solid player.

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The Cameron Crazies will welcome Antonio Vrancovic with open arms.
The Cameron Crazies will welcome Antonio Vrancovic with open arms.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that Duke does when it recruits is to look at families and so it's not a surprise to see sons of former NBA players on the team.

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Next year, there will be two: preferred walk-on Justin Robinson, son of David, and now Antonio Vrancovic, son of former NBA player Stojko Vranković.

His dad, a 7-2 shotblocker, didn't stay in the league all that long, but he had a major impact in Europe.

Like 6-7 Justin, Antonio is quite tall (6-11) and yet looks up to his dad. He averaged around 27 points and 16 rebounds for Pine Crest High School.

Vrancovic, who was born in Minnesota but raised in Croatia, moved back to the US with his parents to attend high school and get recruited.

Mission accomplished.

The Croatian Sensation, as they call him, is still developing but at 6-11 and 270, he's as big as Jahlil Okafor. He's not as skilled but he is vastly superior in one respect: Vrancovic shoots 80% from the line.

We don't put much stock into the star system, but Vrancovic is seen as a 3 star recruit. Take it for what it's worth.

He was also being recruited by Georgia.

His high school coach, David Beckerman, told the Sun-Sentinel that his big man possesses soft hands, good footwork, range on his jump shot and can pass like few big men can.

That's quoting the paper, not the coach directly.

He'll get better fast with Marshall Plumlee and Sean Obi both set to beat the crap out of him for a few months.

Duke's frontcourt is almost complete, but the Blue Devils could still use a small forward who can score, and of course a point guard.

If those players are located, then Duke is going to be in great shape.

One thing to keep in mind as time goes on: David Robinson graduated high school as a lightly recruited 6-7 forward. He grew to 7-1 in a big damn hurry and the rest is history.

His Navy coach, Paul Evans, used to recruit partly by shoe size: with a height restriction (since lifted), it was his best way of finding a taller post player.

Anyone know what size Justin wears?