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Despite Successes At Bryant, Mike Pressler Still Haunted By Lax Scandal

He went through a very difficult time and the former coach still hasn't completely come to terms with what happened in the Duke Lacrosse scandal.

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File photo
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There were a lot of victims in the Duke lacrosse hoax, and after the players who were accused, no one was treated more unfairly than former coach Mike Pressler.

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He spoke to 60 Minutes about his experience. Suffice it to say it was searing and he's still angry. It's hard to blame him. The worst part had to have been the abuse his daughters were subjected to. Who treats children that way?

He's largely rebuilt his life and in retrospect, deserves a lot of admiration for standing up for what's right even though it cost him plenty. He was (and is) a better man than most of understood at the time.

It would have been nice if former A.D. Joe Alleva had had the courage Pressler did, or the university institutionally, for that matter. People really suffered from Crystal Mangum's falsehoods.