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ACC Roundup - 2015 ACC Tournament Starts...Tomorrow?

It still seems too fast and probably faster for the teams without a bye.

Post-season is K season.
Post-season is K season.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In March, we shift gears for a couple of reasons.

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First and obviously, the action moves first to the ACC Tournament and then on to the NCAA tournament. Things change pretty quickly.

Secondly, we like to link as much as possible in March. So starting today, we'll be doing that and as things speed up, at some point we'll drop ACC Roundup from the daily stuff.

But not today. Most of the links will be with the ACC Links page though.

We'll start in Syracuse, where Jim Boeheim, still angry about the NCAA actions against his program, has told fans he's "not going anywhere."

Also, it turns out that Boeheim was ordered not to speak after the State game, so the comments in the media about him being rude were a bit excessive.

Terry Holland is impressed with what Tony Bennett has done at Virginia and puts it down to playing well together.

This year's tournament is different times two: first, it was changed on the fly after Syracuse pulled out. And second, it starts and ends earlier yet lasts longer. Here's a guide to the changes.

ACC Digital is going to offer a lot more ACC Tournament coverage in a lot of different ways including a couple of new Apps that might be worth checking out. You can get the details here.

Instead of getting stronger, Pitt faded down the stretch. Why? Partly fatigue.