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ACC Roundup - More Details From Syracuse

By any reasonable standard, Syracuse has been playing fast and loose.

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NC State is going to need great focus to beat Syracuse Saturday
NC State is going to need great focus to beat Syracuse Saturday
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's really  unusual to have something in the ACC overshadow a Duke-UNC game but Jim Boeheim and Syracuse have managed it.

No Friday Games
Teams Times TV
Syracuse @ NC State Noon CBS
Miami @ Virginia Tech Noon RSN
Pitt @ FSU Noon ESPN/2
Wake Forest @ BC 2:00 ACCN
Clemson @ Notre Dame 4:00 ACCN
UVA @ Louisville 6:30 ESPN/2
Duke @ UNC 9:00 ESPN
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT RPI
Virginia 16-1 .941 28-1 .966 3
Duke 14-3 .824 27-3 .900 5
Notre Dame 13-4 .765 25-5 .833 25
Louisville 11-6 .647 23-7 .767 22
North Carolina 11-6 .647 22-9 .710 13
Miami 9-8 .529 19-11 .633 65
NC State 9-8 .529 19-12 .613 48
Syracuse 9-8 .529 18-12 .600 64
Pitt 8-9 .471 19-12 .613 60
Clemson 8-9 .471 16-14 .533 95
Florida State 7-10 .412 15-15 .500 119
Wake Forest 5-12 .294 13-17 .433 110
Boston College 3-14 .176 11-18 .379 160
Georgia Tech 3-15 .167 12-19 .387 124
Virginia Tech 2-15 .118 10-20 .333 228

Normally we'd put all these links from the Syracuse paper in the bottom of ACC Roundup, but there are just too many, so we're going to link those links here and you can go through them.

The guy who worked at the Oneida Y, Jeff Cornish, set up an account using the Y's info and diverted around $338,000 to this account.

He used some of it to pay players and also to pay them and staff members to participate in events at the Y.

He also told state investigators that he was a gambler, something that he denied to the NCAA.

Cornish apparently had a strong personal relationship with former Boeheim player Billy Edelin.

Boeheim issued a defiant and angry statement after the NCAA's announcement:

"Initially, I would like to express relief that the NCAA's unparalleled 8-year investigation of the University and the Men's Basketball Program is finally over. As I expressed at the Committee on Infractions Hearing, I acknowledge that violations occurred within the Men's Basketball Program, and as the Head Coach of the Program, I take those violations very seriously.

"That being said, I am disappointed with many of the findings and conclusions as stated in the Infractions Report. The Committee chose to ignore the efforts which I have undertaken over the past 37 years to promote an atmosphere of compliance within the Men's Basketball Program. Instead they chose to focus on the rogue and secretive actions of a former employee of the local YMCA and my former Director of Basketball Operations in order to impose an unprecedented series of penalties upon the University and the Men's Basketball Program.

"Much is made in the Infractions Report regarding the actions of a former employee of the local YMCA. As I explained to the Committee, this individual was not someone who was allowed unique access to the Men's Basketball Program. This was a highly regarded individual who worked for the one most respected organizations in the country. I cannot think of a place where I would rather have my student-athletes spend their free time than a community YMCA. My coaches and I knew and trusted this man, and he was thoroughly vetted by the Office of Athletic Compliance before he was permitted to interact with our student-athletes. If the Committee is correct that this individual abused the trust that had been placed in him by the YMCA, the University, and me, then I am deeply disappointed.

"Much is also made in the Infractions Report regarding alleged academic violations that occurred within the Men's Basketball Program. As the Head Coach of the Program, I demand academic excellence from my student-athletes. However, under NCAA rules, I am not permitted to intervene in academic matters nor am I permitted to review academic work performed by student-athletes.

"In short, I am disappointed with the Infractions Report. At this time, however, I will have no further comment on this matter as I consider my options moving forward."

The NCAA pointed to Boeheim as the head man and therefore responsible and they definitively billed him: Boeheim is suspended for the first nine games of next year's ACC season, his team has lost 12 scholarships over the next four years and had 108 victories wiped out after it was determined that ineligible players were used.

That pushes him from the second all-time winningest coach to the sixth.

As we said, the Syracuse paper covered this in huge detail, so go there to see all the news that's fit to print. We'd also recommend checking out Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, where the guys have been doing first-rate work on this.

While it can't be overlooked, the academic fraud part of this can't touch what happened at UNC.  A staff member who was overseeing academics, Stan Kissell, apparently got e-mail addresses and passwords and either he or members of his staff directly corresponded with professors, at times even attaching assignments. Work was allegedly done for students but Kissel didn't report it because he was concerned that basketball got "a little bit of special treatment" and didn't feel comfortable rocking the boat.

If this is what happens at Syracuse, then what's the right punishment for UNC?

Boeheim, apparently with the knowledge (and at least implicit approval) of his athletic director, simply ignored the drug testing policy.

What's interesting now is how Syracuse reacts. The season ends for the Orange Saturday at State and it was likely to be an intense game already.

Now? We figure Syracuse is either going to be demoralized or mad as hell and our guess is mad as hell.

Which complicates things for State considerably. This game is really important for State since the Pack has not yet locked up a bid. Likely. We think so. Certain? Not at all.

All of a sudden, the intensity around the State-Syracuse game threatens to rival Duke-UNC. That's amazing.

Of course those aren't the only two games on the schedule Saturday. Virginia at Louisville is the next best bet for a great game.

Clemson plays at Notre Dame, which could be good but probably won't be. Pitt at FSU is mopping up unless Pitt gets on an almighty roll and ends up with a deep run in Greensboro.

Miami needs a win over Virginia Tech and probably a couple of wins in Greensboro to stay on the bubble, so there should be some intensity in Blacksburg.

As for Wake and BC, both teams have worked hard this year but neither has improved much. There's really nothing to play for. Each team will get maybe a game in Greensboro before the coaches head out on the recruiting trail to get a leg up on the rest of the league.

And so it goes.