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ACC Roundup - The Final Weekend Of The Regular Season

Or as Syracuse calls it now, the end of the line.

One more day in the season for Syracuse's melancholy coach Jim Boeheim.
One more day in the season for Syracuse's melancholy coach Jim Boeheim.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In Chapel Hill Friday, after months of maneuvering, Jan Boxill, who once ran UNC's ethic center despite her own ethical concerns, finally resigned. According to sources, she worked hard to protect her full retirement benefits. Practical and understandable, but she has done great damage.

No Friday Games
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT RPI
Virginia 16-1 .941 28-1 .966 3
Duke 14-3 .824 27-3 .900 5
Notre Dame 13-4 .765 25-5 .833 25
Louisville 11-6 .647 23-7 .767 22
North Carolina 11-6 .647 22-9 .710 13
Miami 9-8 .529 19-11 .633 65
NC State 9-8 .529 19-12 .613 48
Syracuse 9-8 .529 18-12 .600 64
Pitt 8-9 .471 19-12 .613 60
Clemson 8-9 .471 16-14 .533 95
Florida State 7-10 .412 15-15 .500 119
Wake Forest 5-12 .294 13-17 .433 110
Boston College 3-14 .176 11-18 .379 160
Georgia Tech 3-15 .167 12-19 .387 124
Virginia Tech 2-15 .118 10-20 .333 228

This is an excerpt from a letter she received from Provost Jim Dean:

[There is] “compelling evidence that over a period of several years you knowingly participated in grossly improper practices in your roles as a member of the faculty and an academic advisor to student athletes.”

Ethics indeed.

On a brighter note, UNC's Marcus Paige has won the Skip Prosser Award as the the top scholar among the ACC's scholarship basketball players.

It's a bit ironic to see the two announcements so close together, but we do think Paige is a real student and not just being pushed through.

Two serious injury updates: Having recovered from his broken finger, Virginia's Justin Anderson has undergone an appendectomy.

Recovery rates vary, and the procedures available  today are much less invasive than what Duke's Bob Bender underwent in 1979, missing the ACC Tournament.

Still, it's not helpful.

Much less significantly, Georgia Tech's Marcus Georges-Hunt will miss Tech's brief stay in Greensboro with an ankle injury.

Without him, Tech has virtually no scoring, so their stay will be brief.

Up in Syracuse, Jim Boheim has been reflecting on the shortened Orange season. Now, understandably, he says that at  Raleigh, where the season will end Saturday, Syracuse is just playing for pride.

State is playing for a bid, so we hope the Pack has its priorities straight.

State was erratic this year and last, but next year, with the major players all upperclassmen, the Pack should be vastly improved.

For the first time in a while, there will be (should be) no major losses to the NBA.

We'll be interested to see how State develops between now and then. Certainly we've all seen this team's potential.

We're also curious about where Wake goes from here, if there's any chance of Brian Gregory returning at Georgia Tech, what Louisville will do to become more competitive (Rick Pitino is stuck between a UK and a hard place in the ACC) and how quickly Virginia Tech develops. Mark our words: Virginia Tech is going to improve very, very quickly. If we lived in Blacksburg, we'd make sure to get our tickets now.