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ACC Roundup - Irish Dump Cards

Mike Brey's team is small but really, really smart.

Rick Pitino looks depressed as Louisville falls to Notre Dame
Rick Pitino looks depressed as Louisville falls to Notre Dame
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

In Wednesday night's ACC action, Notre Dame beat Louisville, 71-59 and Miami took Louisville 63.

No Thursday Games
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 16-1 .941 28-1 .966
Duke 14-3 .824 27-3 .900
Notre Dame 13-4 .765 25-5 .833
Louisville 11-6 .647 23-7 .767
North Carolina 11-6 .647 22-9 .710
Miami 9-8 .529 19-11 .633
NC State 9-8 .529 19-12 .613
Syracuse 9-8 .529 18-12 .600
Pitt 8-9 .471 19-12 .613
Clemson 8-9 .471 16-14 .533
Florida State 7-10 .412 15-15 .500
Wake Forest 5-12 .294 13-17 .433
Boston College 3-14 .176 11-18 .379
Georgia Tech 3-15 .167 12-19 .387
Virginia Tech 2-15 .118 10-20 .333
Wednesday's Results
  • Notre Dame 71 Louisville 59
  • Duke 94 Wake Forest 51
  • Miami 67 Pittsburgh 63

It's probably safe to say that Louisville's first spin through the ACC didn't go as well as expected.

Notre Dame didn't help.

The two teams revived a fertile Big East rivalry with the Irish winning 71-59.

Afterwards, Rick Pitino criticized his team's decision making and basketball IQ:
"You're always disappointed when you lose, but Notre Dame was the better basketball team. We would take the lead, or get it to two, and then we'd totally break down with a bad shot on offense and a bad play defensively."

But for Louisville, it's not just the ACC that's hard to catch up to. As Tim Sullivan points out, it's also Kentucky. The Big Blue is just down the road and undefeated with a remarkable collection of talent.  Barring a big run, this won't be a good off-season for the Cards.

And the Chris Jones situation is still unfolding. Latest news, which will probably make Jones pretty happy: a potential witness at the party where the two women claim to have been assaulted says it never happened and she's talked to his attorneys about it already.

And the situation gets more interesting: the lead detective in the case, Lt. John Tarter, has a history of problematic (and expensive) rape cases while with the city department (he works for the university currently).

Some of his cases while with the Louisville P.D. sound a lot like the Duke lacrosse case.

In the night's other ACC game, Miami bested Pitt, 67-63.

Sheldon McClellan, who is dealing with a groin injury, got hot in the second half and helped lead his team to the win.

Miami did play without Angel Rodriguez, who is still recovering from a wrist injury.

With the win, Miami moves to 19-11 while Pitt falls to 19-12. Coming after the loss to Wake Forest, this really hurts Pitt's chances.

Conversely, it may help NC State.

Davon Reed shot 7-8 for Miami, and being 6-6, had to work for that.

So things are getting sorted out: Virginia and Duke get the #1 and #2 seeds in Greensboro.  Sorting out the scenarios is beyond us, so fortunately, someone at the Syracuse paper did it.

This is prior to Wednesday night's games, but the other team projections are still valid.

Everything gets wrapped up on Saturday with seven games.

Syracuse's season will end at State, but for the Pack the game is an immense opportunity to finish strong.

Miami should be able to win at Blacksburg, which would help them again.

Wake at BC is meaningless except for the teams involved.

Duke and UNC speaks for itself.

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Pitt finishes up at FSU, where the defense isn't up to Leonard Hamilton's historic standards but is still capable of being a pain.

Finally, UVA closes out at Louisville in what should be a great game, Louisville's struggles aside. Bonus: Justin Anderson might be back.

Barring a deep run in the tournament or a title by someone completely unexpected, the ACC's NCAA teams look like Virginia, Duke, Notre Dame, Louisville, UNC, NC State and possibly Miami.