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30 For 30 I Hate Laettner Trailer Released

Duke legend to get his own ESPN documentary.

More than 20 years later, Christian Laettner still provokes strong reactions.
More than 20 years later, Christian Laettner still provokes strong reactions.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

We're looking forward to ESPN's 30 For 30 called "I Hate Christian Laettner."

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Everybody hated Laettner; even some of his teammates weren't crazy about him.

ESPN has released the trailer. Expect it to get heavy viewing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and of course in North Carolina and his hometown, Buffalo.

Speaking of Kentucky, Jay Bilas went on record before the Georgia game as saying that UK is beatable.

Well of course they are. At 30-0, this is a very formidable team, but come on: as talented as it is, Kentucky allowed an okay but not great Louisville team to hang around, took overtime to beat Mississippi, double OT to beat Texas A&M, beat LSU by just two and allowed Georgia to have a significant lead late in the game Tuesday.

The thing is, the SEC is hardly a challenging league.  Let's take Joe Lunardi's bracketology as a starting point since we can't know the field for a while longer.

In that projection, Lunardi has Kentucky as the #1 seed in the Midwest, where the Wildcats might face Ohio State, UNC, or Wichita State. On the other half of the bracket we see Notre Dame, San Diego State, LSU and Wisconsin.

UNC and LSU have recent experience with Kentucky; Wichita State and Wisconsin have business from last year's tournament to finish. 

Notre Dame has had tough games all year. San Diego State is always tougher than people think.

The Midwest winner will play the East winner in the Final Four. 

On that side, Lunardi has UVA, Arkansas, Georgetown, Maryland, Texas A&M and Kansas, among others.

If the injury Perry Ellis suffered is serious you can rule KU out which would be too bad because revenge is a big motivator. It's had to imagine anyone beating Virginia here though.

In the West, which right now looks weakest,  Arizona would be a serious challenge for anyone. Villanova can beat a lot of teams but we're not sure the Philly Wildcats could take the UK kitties.

In the East, Duke is a serious challenger, and having seen Duke play quite often, we can say that, if healthy, Duke can play with anyone.

Gonzaga is also in this regional as is Utah.

Our view of Kentucky is this: it's an amazingly talented team but it hasn't yet been up against a relentless, remorseless foe and it hasn't yet seen the sort of game pressure the NCAA tournament can produce. Don't point to the SEC - UK knows it can spot any team in that league a double digit lead in the second half and still win.

It's not the fastest team in the world and if you can frustrate the ball movement, clog up the middle and put the onus on the guards, you've got a shot.

Which sounds a lot like Virginia to us.