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Potential Moves By Shaka Smart And Gregg Marshall Would Be A Big Deal

The highly coveted coaches are looking at Texas and Alabama respectively.

Deep In The Heart of Texas? Shaka Smart considers.
Deep In The Heart of Texas? Shaka Smart considers.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In a couple of key possible coaching moves, VCU's Shaka Smart  is talking to Texas while Wichita's Gregg Marshall is meeting with Alabama officials.

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If either guy takes the job, they can expect massive raises. Both schools can afford to pay top dollar for coaches.

The question to us is why is Marshall looking at Alabama? It's not a school with a huge tradition other than football, which is utterly dominant there, recruiting in Alabama is not that strong, and no matter what he does there, he'll never overshadow Kentucky.

On the other hand, he seems to thrive on resentment and slights, and he would probably get a lot of fixes in Tuscaloosa. And the rivalry with Auburn, now coached by Bruce Pearl, would heat up rather quickly. Those games are going to be fun to watch.

By the way, Marshall, whose name came up for ACC jobs back when he was coaching at Winthrop, never got one, at least partly because, for whatever reason, he got on people's nerves.

According to this site, that may have happened with Texas as UT A.D Steve Patterson supposedly "didn't see Marshall as a good fit 'personality wise' for Texas" because "Marshall has a reputation for being blunt and speaking his mind, which can come off the wrong way at times."