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NCAA Final Four 2015 - The DBR Podcast

With Duke advancing to the Final Four, you knew the podcast crew would be weighing in.

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The DBR Final Four Podcast is up! You can find it in the usual locations listed below.

Here's what is discussed this week:

  • 0:00 - Introductions including the "Where is Sam tonight?" game
  • 1:15 - Thoughts on Gonzaga. Jason raves about the D, Sam thinks Matt Jones and Justise Winslow had pretty good games, and Donald shows his man-love for Quinn Cook.

  • 11:40 - Jason gives a little shout out to Amile Jefferson for his D on Wiltjer

  • 13:20 - Coach K now has 12 Final Fours, but K is not dwelling on the past, he's living in the moment.

  • 15:20 - Sam points out that Duke has some special mojo to get the opposition into foul trouble while not getting into foul trouble ourselves

  • 17:00 - Time to talk about the other Elite 8 games and the other 3 Final Four teams... which basically means Jason is going to spend 10 minutes talking about Kentucky and Notre Dame.

  • 25:50 - Donald has the coolest stat of the Final Four... though it did not happen.

  • 27:45 - Previewing Michigan St. in which Sam says that MSU may struggle to score with Duke

  • 40:05 - Player of the Game -- we have three different picks!

  • 44:45 - Reflecting on the players cutting down the nets

  • 48:00 - Final thoughts... where Jason gets waaaay ahead of himself and thinks about the possibility of Duke vs Kentucky in the championship game

  • 50:45 - Sam wants to talk about Adam Morrison's hair

  • 54:20 - Goodbyes!