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Charlotte Hires Mark Price As Basketball Coach

Former Georgia Tech coach Mark Price could be a home-run hire for Charlotte.

Former Georgia Tech star Mark Price is back in the college game.
Former Georgia Tech star Mark Price is back in the college game.
Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Charlotte showed some imagination and daring with the hire of Mark Price, but it's hard to see this going terribly wrong.

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The Georgia Tech legend, like Bobby Hurley, is a lifer and a guy who can teach. We expect he'll do well for the 49ers.

The first test is to hire a staff. So far he seems to be doing that intelligently. He's pursuing former App State head coach Houston Fanner, which follows the recent trend of first-time head coaches hiring an on-staff advisor on how to run a program. That would get him started.

He's also pursuing Oklahoma State assistant Chris Ferguson, who knows the region well and will likely be the primary recruiter.

It's still really early, but those are good signs. The questions Price has to answer have to do with his ability to relate to younger players and his temperament as a coach. No one doubts his knowledge of the game and he's one of the great shooters of any era. He's done well in the NBA as a shot coach, so he has some real experience as a teacher.

We think it's a great hire. If he does well, look for Georgia Tech to eventually try to bring him back to Atlanta.

Incidentally, we had suggested that if Brian Gregory is fired that Tech might go after Dayton's Archie Miller. That just got more expensive.