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Duke's First Opponent In The 2015 NCAA Tournament: Robert Morris

The Colonials beat North Florida in an exciting matchup to advance to play Duke.

Lucky Jones looks to be the leader of Robert Morris.
Lucky Jones looks to be the leader of Robert Morris.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

We now know who Duke will face in its opening game: the Blue Devils will get Robert Morris.

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It was a pretty interesting game, really, with a lot of back and forth.

North Florida led at the half, but Robert Morris came right back and then the Ospreys did.

With 3:58 left, the game was tied 66-66. And from there, Robert Morris basically took over, ultimately winning 81-77.

Robert Morris had two main advantages in this game: 1) free throws, which nearly matched the margin of victory and 2), turnovers.

Robert Morris had five; North Florida had 19, including 10 pretty early.

Given RMU's size, or lack of it, we figured the Colonials would shoot a lot of threes. Not this time anyway: Robert Morris was just 4-16. Northern Florida took 22 (and hit hit nine).

We'll have more in our pregame story, but as we always say, mismatches work both ways.

One final note: we were kind of hoping for North Florida for one specific reason. We figured that having grown up in Jacksonville and realizing that he was a talented if not elite player, that Grayson Allen would have haunted the NFU gyms since he was a freshman in high school.

Because at that level, you seek out competition which challenges you, and what could challenge a high school kid more than college players?

We're pretty sure he's deeply familiar with those guys and how they play. It could've been a nice advantage, if not a huge one.