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DBR Podcast Up!

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Everybody is cheering for the DBR Podcast!
Everybody is cheering for the DBR Podcast!
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Here's this week's DBR Podcast. Enjoy!

15 - Jason Evans intros Sam Klein and Donald Wine and we have a look at the bracket. Here's a spoiler, all three of us like Duke's draw
7:30 - Sam has studied North Florida and gives us a profile of one potential R64 opponent
9:30 - Jason has studied Robert Morrie and gives us a profile of the other potential R64 opponent
13:35 - Donald has studied SDSU and has a profile of a team we might play in R32
19:10 - St John's, we all know them so we all talk about another potential R32 opponent
25:20 - We begin to look outside Duke's sub regional, and Jason goes on an anti-SEC rant
26:30 - Donald starts a conversation about all-time tournament wins... and it does not go well
28:15 - Reflections on the ACC tournament, we are sad but not as sad as you might think and Jason gets distracted by dreaming of Notre Dame playing Kentucky
38:15 - Player of the Week picks
39:40 - Final Four picks. Here's a spoiler, we all like Duke to come out of the South
44:30 - Sam gets a fun conversation started about some interesting R32 matchups in the tourney
47:10 - Donald is not happy that Dayton is getting a home game in the NCAA Tournament
53:00 - Goodbyes