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Luke Kennard Surpasses LeBron James In Ohio Schoolboy Scoring

Duke recruit had 44 points to push past James.

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Duke recruit Luke Kennard is realistic: passing LeBron James on the all-time Ohio career scoring list doesn't put him in the same category as a player as James. But it is a huge accomplishment, which even King James agrees with: "He's good. He's going to Duke. He's one of my kids. That's great. I'm happy for him."

When he says "one of my kids," he's not claiming paternity. Kennard plays for LeBron's AAU team.

Kennard now has 2,652 points in his high school career.

Duke fans could really confuse things by nicknaming him Denny because then we'd have Kenny Dennard and Denny Kennard.

He also comes with a ready-made chant for Cameron: "Use the Force, Luke!"

Never mind.