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ACC Roundup - Another Amazing Saturday On Tap?

The ACC has been incredibly competitive this season. Don't look for that to change Saturday.

Montrezl Harrell and Louisville will need to get after Virginia to pull off a win Saturday
Montrezl Harrell and Louisville will need to get after Virginia to pull off a win Saturday
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday should be another great day of ACC play, with some really intriguing matchups and themes. Check it out:

Saturday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Wake Forest @ Georgia Tech Noon RSN
Notre Dame @ Duke 1:00 CBS
FSU @ Virginia Tech 3:00 ACCN
UNC @ BC 3:00 ACCN
Syracuse @ Pitt 4:00 ESPN/ESPN2
Louisville @ Virginia 6:00 ESPN/ESPN2
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 8-1 .889 21-1 .955
Notre Dame 9-2 .818 21-3 .875
Louisville 7-2 .778 19-3 .864
North Carolina 7-3 .700 17-7 .708
Duke 6-3 .667 19-3 .864
Syracuse 6-3 .667 15-7 .682
Clemson 6-4 .600 14-8 .636
NC State 5-6 .455 14-10 .583
Pitt 4-5 .444 16-8 .667
Miami 4-5 .444 14-8 .636
Florida State 4-6 .400 12-11 .522
Wake Forest 3-7 .300 11-12 .478
Boston College 1-8 .111 9-12 .429
Virginia Tech 1-8 .111 9-13 .409
Georgia Tech 1-9 .100 10-12 .455

Wake and Georgia Tech have both struggled, both improved even while losing. How do you pick that one?

Virginia Tech is just 9-13 but seriously overachieving. Can they deal with Florida State's massive size and intense defense?

An erratic UNC is at BC, where Jim Christian has his guys playing with heart, passion and smarts. Are you comfortable picking UNC here - especially after the comments after the Virginia game? We wouldn't bet the house money on it, but based on comments by Marcus Paige, among others, there's a chance that UNC implodes for a game or two. Still comfortable?

How about Syracuse at Pitt? Pitt's struggled, but Syracuse has minimal depth and outside shooting. And Pitt has lots of experience playing against the Syracuse 2-3.

Then finally, at the very end of the day, we get Louisville at Virginia, the racehorses vs. the bulldogs. Yes, we know they're the Cavaliers, but do you know why bulldogs are the way they are? They were bred to help fight or bait bulls: the dogs would wait for their chance and jump up and grab the bull's genitals and not let go.

You could find worse ways to define Virginia's defense, and keep in mind that Louisville is not a great shooting team.

Virginia is the closest game to a lock, and you can never tell. When Louisville's press is working, the Cards can make up 15-20 points in a big hurry.


There's not a single game we'd feel confident in calling, and usually we have some idea - like the other day we said there was a pretty good chance that Pitt could take Notre Dame.

During this, one of the greatest ACC seasons ever, you have to wonder sometimes what folks in College Park are thinking. Louisville has seamlessly taken the Terps spot in the ACC and is a competitive improvement. Virginia, Carolina and Duke are all highly rated. Every game is a dogfight.

And Maryland? The Terps are flying out to Iowa City - population 67,000 - for a thrilling date with the 14-8 Hawkeyes.

The Terps close out Big Ten play with IU (16-7) at home, a road trip to Penn State (14-9), Nebraska (13-9), # 4 Wisconsin and a down Michigan (13-10) at home before closing out with road trips to Rutgers (10-14) and a 1,300 mile trip to Nebraska.

Well, there's always football.