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David Cutcliffe: 2015 A Great Class For Duke Football

Coach Cut is really high on the new guys.

Jamison Crowder will be difficult to replace but Duke at least has candidates.
Jamison Crowder will be difficult to replace but Duke at least has candidates.
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Duke unveiled its 2015 football recruiting class Wednesday, with 17 players, highlighted by California linebacker Ben Humphreys.

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Duke signed seven linebackers, one punter, seven linemen and eight backs.

In his comments, coach David Cutcliffe spoke of the need to replace playmakers and specifically mentioned receivers, so we assume he plans to convert some people to different positions.

Before the Duke-Tech basketball game, he spoke to John Roth on the Duke Radio Network and said something interesting.

He said that some schools brought in 25 a year, which only meant that they were failing a bunch of them since you only have 85 scholarships and almost every school has a number of redshirts every year.

He went on to say that you might think Duke's class is small, but he really liked it because he was after character and leaders and was pretty sure he had found a whole bunch of that.

It was what we've gotten used to with Cutcliffe. Like Mike Krzyzewski, he's interested in good people and he doesn't waste a lot of time or energy on people who won't be part of that.

Here are some more Coach Cut's comments:

"We have taken playmakers. We’ve really got some guys who can catch the football and do something with it afterward. We have a return element on offense. We have a quarterback that’s had a tremendous career, that’s a great, great leader, and I really like our offensive linemen. I think the versatility of the skill guys is pretty incredible.

"We’ll have a lot of fun piecing these guys into our defensive system and our offensive system. For some of these guys, it will be a battle just to figure out what side of the ball they’re on. Our defensive front has gotten bigger and stronger and faster."