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Former Louisville Star Chris Jones In Very Serious Legal Trouble

He's been charged with rape and sodomy. His life, which has never been easy, appears to be on a rapid downward spiral.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The other shoe has fallen at Louisville and Chris Jones stands accused of rape and sodomy.

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Two other men are also accused.

It's an awful situation, first of all for the alleged victim, who should be the main concern here, if the charges hold up.

Somewhere well behind that comes the Louisville program, which has had a number of embarrassments lately. This is a good bit more than embarrassing obviously.

For the ACC, which has staked a lot on Louisville, it's also radioactive.

We're sure there's a lot more to come here, none of it good.

Needless to say we should all remember that being accused is not the same thing as being guilty, but the courts will sort that out in time.