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This Week's DBR Podcast

Here it is, fresh and steaming hot!

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We've only been out there for a couple months and just this past week, iTunes ranked the DBR Podcast as the #125 college sports podcast. We are rocketing up the charts and it is thanks to the many folks listening in and especially the folks who take the time to give us good reviews on iTunes.

Links to this week's podcast:

Time stamps:

  • 0:00 Welcome to Episode 14! We try to be silly.
  • 1:00 Duke beat Clemson on Saturday. Jason got to go to the game because he's a cool DBR contributor and he finally nailed an optimistic prediction about an underwhelming opponent.
  • 15:40 Duke heads to Blacksburg, Virginia on Wednesday. Sam is more interested in Buzz Williams's dance moves and fashion choices than he is in Virginia Tech's horrid rebounding.
  • 26:30 Syracuse returns to Cameron. Rakeem Christmas is dreaming about not having to play against Jahlil Okafor. Let's hope that doesn't come to pass.
  • 32:30 Duke is playing dress-up with new Nike threads against Syracuse. Nike says they're super advanced. So...yeah
  • 37:50 Jason brought up a Luke Winn power rankings article that brought us back to the Clemson game and some bonus Grayson Allen love. Link:
  • basketball...inia-wisconsin
  • 42:50 We pretend to wrap up with Player of the Week, where Tyus Jones somehow gets zero votes despite putting the team on his back against our biggest rival. Donald outsmarted himself.
  • 49:00 So we'll say goodbye...oh wait, here comes some snarky UNC stuff about podcast rankings and Roy Williams driving the blame bus over his own fans.
  • 58:00 Goodbye this time, for real.