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New Uniforms Announced For The Syracuse Game

Nike has really committed fashion crimes when it comes to uniforms but these are not nearly that bad.

Quinn Cook after nailing a three.
Quinn Cook after nailing a three.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Well it could be worse: when Nike redesigns uniforms for schools under contract, some of them are truly awful (though in fairness not as bad as UnderArmour or adidas efforts).

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The ones the company put together for Duke this time are at least conservatively designed, and that's part of the problem: Nike tends to throw tradition overboard when redesigns are out. Take the big, single block letter shirts that Duke and UNC wore a few years ago. Those were hideous. are...not bad. The numbers are blue and the letters are white with blue trim. Okay.

We don't really get the shorts and the side strip, but if that's the worst of it that's okay.