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ACC Roundup - Monday Night Should Be Fun

Can the Cavs make the Heels squeal?

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UNC is not amused.
UNC is not amused.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The almighty competitive roll the ACC has been on continued on Super Bowl Sunday, with Florida State, just 11-10 going in, upset #23 Miami, 55-54.

Monday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Virginia @ UNC 7:00 ESPN
Bryant @ Pitt 7:00 ESPN3
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT RPI
Virginia 7-1 .875 19-1 .950 3
Notre Dame 8-2 .800 20-3 .870 29
North Carolina 7-2 .778 17-5 .773 10
Louisville 6-2 .750 18-3 .857 13
Syracuse 5-3 .625 14-7 .667 71
Duke 5-3 .625 18-3 .857 5
Clemson 5-4 .556 13-8 .619 82
Miami 4-4 .500 14-7 .667 48
NC State 5-5 .500 14-9 .609 47
Pitt 4-5 .444 14-8 .636 76
Florida State 4-5 .444 12-10 .545 133
Wake Forest 2-7 .222 10-12 .455 148
Boston College 1-7 .125 9-11 .450 125
Virginia Tech 1-7 .125 9-12 .429 208
Georgia Tech 1-8 .111 10-11 .476 105
Sunday's Result
Florida State 55 Miami 54

Miami held Xavier Rathan-Mayes and Devin Bookert to five points, all by Rathan-Mayes.

Montay Bradon had 18 to lead all scorers.

As entertaining a bon bon as that was, as nice a warm-up for an equally competitive Super Bowl, the better game comes Monday.

No, not Pitt, with a reliable competitive dodge in Bryant; of course we mean UNC and Virginia.

Now there's a game with consequences.

Virginia's defense, usually so fearsome, has been a good bit softer these last two games, first against Virginia Tech for much of the game and then Duke. In the first half, Duke simply ran faster than Virginia and got easy buckets; in the last 10 minutes or so of the second half, Duke scored with relative ease.

That's not what we've come to expect from Tony Bennett's team.

On the other hand, UNC, despite the loss to Louisville, has been on a roll.

There are some fundamental problems here that cannot be wished away.

UNC wants to run, like Duke did, and Virginia wants to prevent that at all costs.

Virginia wants to clog the middle and force UNC to shoot from outside, a notable weakness.

And if UNC wins, the Tar Heels claim a bit of first place, along with Virginia and Notre Dame.

Over in USA Today, Scott Gleeson looks at the ACC's hypercompetitiveness and says that the national champ will come from its ranks.

And having had some early fun in the league, Rick Pitino, fresh off of the big comeback against UNC, names the ACC Big East Southern Style, which we're pretty sure he means as high praise, but for many, it will come off as an insult. Who wants to be like the Big East used to be? We got a reminder when St. John's green-eggs-and-hal loving big man, Joey De La Rosa, threw Amile Jeffesron to the floor.