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Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee Traded

Both trades are potentially great for the players.

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Former Duke teammates Kyle Singler and Miles Plumlee are on the move in the NBA
Former Duke teammates Kyle Singler and Miles Plumlee are on the move in the NBA
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Plumlee and Kyle Singer were duke teammates, well ahead of the arrival of Jabari Parker.

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Now Plumlee and Parker will buck the odds (sorry) and be Milwaukee teammates: Plumlee was traded to Milwaukee by the Suns, likely motivated by the remarkable flameout of 26-year-old Larry Sanders.

The Bucks have bought Sanders out and he has not indicated any interest in getting back into the league.

It seems odd, but so what? Just because you're good enough to play doesn't mean you are required to. Like the NFL's Ricky Williams, Sanders has a fondness for reefer and perhaps like former Arizona and Maryland star Brian Williams, there are just other things in his life which interest him more - besides weed, of course.


It's an opportunity for Plumlee, who is far more talented than a lot of people realize. He should fit in well.

Also probably catching a break: Singler.

The former Duke star has been with Detroit since leaving Duke, but was traded to the Thunder for former BC guard Reggie Jackson. It wasn't a straight-up deal, there were others involved, but Singler is who we're looking at.

Assuming the Thunder can hang on to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, OKC will be in contention. Singler's hard-hat attitude should be a real asset.

It was a three-team deal; the Thunder also got Enes Kanter and Steve Novak from the Jazz.

Also to Milwaukee: former Syracuse prodigy Tyler Ennis.