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ACC Roundup - BC/Miami Postponed Due To Weather

Because the snow is too damn high.

Wouldn't you be sick of this by now?
Wouldn't you be sick of this by now?
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Sunday's only game, between Boston College and Miami, was canceled due to the intense snow in Boston. It's been rescheduled for Monday.

Monday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Pittsburgh @ UVA 7:00 ESPN
Clemson @ Georgia Tech 7:00 ESPNU
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 11-1 .917 23-1 .958
Notre Dame 10-3 .769 22-4 .846
Duke 9-3 .750 22-3 .880
Louisville 8-4 .667 20-5 .800
North Carolina 8-4 .667 18-7 .720
Syracuse 7-5 .583 16-9 .640
Clemson 7-6 .538 15-10 .600
Pitt 6-6 .500 17-9 .654
NC State 6-7 .462 15-11 .577
Florida State 6-7 .462 14-12 .538
Miami 5-6 .455 15-9 .625
Wake Forest 4-9 .308 12-14 .462
Virginia Tech 2-10 .167 10-15 .400
Georgia Tech 2-11 .154 11-14 .440
Boston College 1-10 .091 9-14 .391
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Long-range struggles continue for Cavaliers without Anderson

For BC, it's not helpful, but the Eagles are grounded for the post-season. Still, this means Miami on the 16th, FSU on the road on Wednesday, and Notre Dame Saturday.

For Miami, with some post-season hopes still alive, it means BC on Monday, home for Virginia Tech on Wednesday and up to Louisville on Saturday.

That's not an easy week of travel for anyone. At least Miami should be favored against BC and the Hokies.

For Pitt, Virginia is a huge challenge and a huge opportunity. UVA is still adjusting to life without Justin Anderson and were obviously vulnerable against Wake Forest.

It's too bad Pitt couldn't bottle the shooting game it had against UNC. If you can rain threes like that, UVA has a very different challenge.

Consider what's happened since Anderson injured his wrist: Louisville nearly pulled off a comeback, State lost by just four and Wake was within a whisker of a stunning upset.

And without Anderson, Virginia shot just 2-11 from three point range against State and 2-12 against Wake Forest.

So there is a path for Pitt if the Panthers can stick to it.

Dean Smith's long goodbye continues. Here's his obituary, presumably written by a family member. It's fairly touching in spots, not least of all here:

"Dean met the challenges of dementia with dignity and determination. He continued to find meaning and connection with others throughout his illness—sources of strength and comfort despite a relentless loss of function."

Wow. What can you say to that but God Bless?

There is also one unfortunate typo which perhaps someone could mention to the family or paper:

"You may also give to the to honor Dean and the values he exemplified."

Whatever the the is, it won't be getting many donations. Easily fixed, fortunately.