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ACC Winning Streaks And Final Fours

There's a distinct correlation.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Winning at least 20 consecutive games has a rather strong correlation with Final Four participation for ACC squads. At least it did when the ACC regularly sent teams to the Final Four, a habit that paused - temporarily, we trust -- in 2010 with Duke's NCAA title.

Sixteen ACC programs have posted at least 20 straight wins since 1954. Of those streaks, 12 involved or resulted in a Final Four.

Nearly half of the streaks (7) include national championship seasons - UNC in 1957, N.C. State in 1974 (the '73 Wolfpack were undefeated, but on probation and barred from appearing in the NCAAs or NIT), Duke in 1991, 1992, and 2001, and Duke starting in 2010 and continuing into 2011.

Most Wins in a Row in ACC History
(Dash Between Years Indicates Continued From 
One Season To The Next, Postseason Included)
Wins Team Season(s)
37 North Carolina 1957-58$F
36 N.C. State 1974-75F
32 Duke 1999F
29 N.C. State 1973-74#F
28 Virginia 1980-81%F
25 Syracuse 2014
25 Duke 2010, 11F
23 Duke 1992-93F
23 Duke 1991-92F
23 N.C. State 1955-56
22 Duke 2001-02F
21 Duke 1986F
21 North Carolina 1986
21 North Carolina 1984
20 North Carolina 1968F
20 Duke 1963F
F Final Four appearance included.
$ Includes 32-0 record and NCAA title in 1957.
# Includes 27-0 record in 1973.
% Includes 1980 NIT championship.