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ACC Roundup - Injury Updates

It's a long season and injuries are unfortunately part of it.

Chris McCullough is the latest injury for Syracuse and a considerable loss for the Orange.
Chris McCullough is the latest injury for Syracuse and a considerable loss for the Orange.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another injury for UNC: senior Desmond Hubert, as it turns out, blew out his ACL in practice last week and will be out for the rest of the season, thus ending his college career.

No Friday Games
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 10-1 .909 22-1 .957
Notre Dame 10-3 .769 22-4 .846
Duke 8-3 .727 21-3 .875
Louisville 8-3 .727 20-4 .833
North Carolina 8-3 .727 18-6 .750
Syracuse 7-4 .636 16-8 .667
Clemson 6-6 .500 14-10 .583
Pitt 5-6 .455 16-9 .640
Miami 5-6 .455 15-9 .625
NC State 5-7 .417 14-11 .560
Florida State 5-7 .417 13-12 .520
Wake Forest 4-8 .333 12-13 .480
Virginia Tech 2-9 .182 10-14 .417
Georgia Tech 2-10 .167 11-13 .458
Boston College 1-10 .091 9-14 .391

Hubert wasn't a big factor this year - he had only played 81 minutes, just a few more than walk-on Jackson Simmons - but he was a capable defender.

It continues a difficult season for UNC injury-wise. A number of players have missed time or played hurt, notably Marcus Paige, who has suffered with plantar fasciitis. The only cure for that is rest, and he can't get that for a few weeks yet.

Meanwhile, up in Syracuse, Chris McCullough, not long ago touted as a sure lottery pick, has undergone ACL surgery himself. He could still apply and possibly still be drafted, but it would be foolish for both parties. He'd be smart to return and prove himself as a sophmore.

And speaking of the great frozen north, another big crowd is lined up for the Duke game: 35,446 'Cuse fans will trek through the winter weather to sit in the Carrier Dome to watch the Orange take on the Blue Devils.

Some of them, unfortunately, are camping out. The wind chill factor could be -30, so we have to agree with Glenn Coin: give it up. You can get started on Better Call Saul or something.

It's worth mentioning here that the hardy folk who live in Siberia live in tents and have perfected a way to stay warm in the winter, to the point where they can sleep comfortably in a small area heated only by a candle. Human ingenuity is incredible.

In one other injury note, Pitt's Cameron Wright will be a game-time decision this weekend against UNC. He is dealing with an ankle issue.

Here's a nice bit of reminiscing with the Lefthander, as Lefty Driesell talks about going head-to-head with Dean Smith on the recruiting trail. Good stuff.

One of the things about Lefty which we never knew until very recently is really surprising, given...well, Lefty has one of the great Southern accents of all time. We just figured his family had always been here.

Not so: his father was a jeweler who emigrated from Germany.

It's hard to believe you can get that accent in just one generation.