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Coach Cutcliffe On What He Sees And Is Looking For In Practice

New QB Thomas Sirk is making an impression.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Lately David Cutcliffe has forsworn spring football in favor of late winter football, which is a bit different, but he has his reasons.

This year, he has a lot of guys to replace, so it's probably good to get an early start.

In his presser, he spoke of a number of people, but given his track record, the attention will naturally go to quarterback, where the inexperienced Thomas Sirk replaces Anthony Boone.

Here's what Cut said: "He has taken upon himself what you want to see a starting quarterback do. He's in command, he's in command of what he's doing, he's in command of the offense. He's throwing the ball exceptionally well. He's got a lot of work, a lot of work, a lot of work that he has got to continue to do to fine-tune things. But he's physically throwing the football well."