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Jason Williams - K's Not Nearly Done

J-Will thinks he's got a long ways to go still

Coach K's competitive fire still burns bright blue
Coach K's competitive fire still burns bright blue
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This sounds like good news for Duke fans and Duke basketball: Jason Williams thinks that Coach K isn't nearly done:

"I don't see the guy stopping any time soon. The only guy I see stopping Coach K is Coach K when he decides he's had enough, and I think that will only get to the point where he feels he's cheating the game. And what I mean by cheating the game is if he can't invest as much of himself as the players he's coaching are investing."

Works for us.

There's a lot more in here about Williams, who is still one of our favorite players ever to come through Duke.

We also liked him a lot because on some levels he's just unaffected by his celebrity and always has been.