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Adam Woobury: What's Up With The Eye Pokes?

Iowa's big man has a bad habit with his fingers.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

What the hell is going on with Iowa's Adam Woodbury? The big man has an unpleasant habit of poking other guys in the eyes. Check out what he does here to Maryland's Melo Trimble.

Now look at what he previously did against two Wisconsin players. Do you find the idea that this is coincidental at all credible?

His coach, one-time Demon Deacon Fran McCaffery may.

He says the kid is too smart to do it on purpose. Okay, whatever. But look at all three incidents. In none of them is his hand anywhere near the ball.

McCaffery is going to defend his player and in fairness, Trimble thought it was an accident. But accident or not, someone's going to get hurt like that.

It needs to be stopped.