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A Poorly Conceived Takedown Attempt

It's an insult to half-cocked columns everywhere.

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We're not going to get into a point-by-pont refutation of this guy because it would take a long time to go through everything, but just a couple of points about Bobby Reagan's jihad against Coach K:

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A lot of this is just either assumptions or speculation. Take for instance the suggestion that Coach K stayed on with USA Basketball for a "recruiting advantage." How does that work? He won't be coaching, he won't get a ton of face time and for the last eight years he's been off the recruiting trail in the most critical times. And when he took the job, you may remember that not many people thought it would be an advantage. In fact, John Feinstein thought it would really hurt.

Why should Duke schedule Maryland? That was always their big deal, not ours. We remember in, oh, about 2001 or so, not being able to get rid of a Maryland ticket outside of Cameron. We literally couldn't give away a ticket to see Juan Dixon and Steve Blake. Maryland decided to part ways with the ACC but wants to maintain a series with Duke? What would that have done for Duke? More tossed water bottles? More heated pennies? Fans hiding under the seats? No thanks. They wanted the Big Ten. They can't have the ACC as well.

The endless suggestion, bordering on libel here, that Krzyzewski sat out in 1995 because he had a "bad team."

That team was pretty good when he took his leave of absence. It had Cherokee Parks, Trajan Langdon, Wojo and enough players to compete at a pretty high level. We've talked before about how the record was mandated by NCAA regulations. You can look it up yourself this time if you want to understand that the NCAA rulebook dictated that decision (it may have changed since then but we've published the relevant rule here before). If nothing else, Reagan might consider that behaving this way would amount to renouncing everything Krzyzewski learned at West Point.

The rest of it? Just garbage. There's no pretense at fairness, balance or looking at two sides of anything. What a hatchet job.