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Women Beat St. Leo's By 83

Even in an exhibition that's impressive.

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Rebecca Greenwell led Duke with 26 points against St.Leo's.
Rebecca Greenwell led Duke with 26 points against St.Leo's.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

What's the record for the most turnovers in a women's game? We can't find it, but in Duke's exhibition Saturday, St. Leo's had 42 turnovers and just 33 points as Duke cruised to an 83 point win, 116-33.

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Rebecca Greenwell finished with 26 points.

St. Leo's is coached by former Duke star Missy West, incidentally, who said this after the game:"It’s great to honestly be a coach against Duke. I wasn’t sure if in my career that would ever happen. I’m really excited about what [the Blue Devils] are going to do. I support them all year long. They have a really good group of girls…it’s time to capture [a championship]."

In her Duke debut, Spanish recruit Angela Salvadores played 16 minutes and hit 3-9, finishing wit nine points.

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