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More on Giles to Duke

The young big man spurned Kentucky, Kansas and hometown team Wake Forest to commit to Duke.

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Coach K and Jeff Capel wave in Duke's next big recruit, Harry Giles.
Coach K and Jeff Capel wave in Duke's next big recruit, Harry Giles.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Friday was a wonderful day for Duke basketball and Duke fans as schoolboy star Harry Giles reached down and picked up a Duke hat.

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He thus joins Jayson Tatum, Frank Jackson and Javin DeLaurier as part of another sensational Blue Devil class.

When you look at what Duke could bring back next year - Matt Jones, Grayson Allen, Sean Obi, Chase Jeter, Luke Kennard, Derryck Thornton, Brandon Ingram and  Antonio Vrankovic - that's a loaded team.

And while it's certainly possible that Ingram, Allen or possibly Kennard might opt to leave early, it's equally possible that all three could stay. Jeter might have an option, but if

In Ingram's case, he's just so thin that it's hard to imagine him thriving in the NBA any time soon. No doubt he'll get the chance to go, but in his case, his physique is a real problem. Think of John Henson, who was similarly frail as a UNC freshman.

It's possible for Allen and Kennard of course, but seems unlikely at this point. And like Ingram, Jeter has a ways to go. Thornton, certainly at this point, isn't ready.

Whoever leaves, whoever returns, Duke will have a solid rotation next year, and a deep and dynamic team.

Imagine for instance that Ingram decided he wasn't physically ready and that he paired with Tatum at forward. Or Duke could go big with Giles and Jeter.

Or imagine the backcourt depth. Duke could have Jones, Thornton, Allen, Kennard and Jackson -and Ingram has guard skills as well.

Ingram of course is expected to be a short timer and that's usually what happens these days. In the modern NBA, promise is more important than achievement, and Ingram has plenty of promise and may achieve a lot by then despite his painfully thin frame.

Even so, a lot of talent will return and a lot will arrive. It's going to be fascinating to watch.

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