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Duke-UNC: The Best Football Games

The N&O runs them down.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With Duke-UNC on tap for this weekend, the News & Observer has a column up on the greatest games in the 100+ neighborhood brawls.

Our two favorites: the 1969 shoestring play and the 41-0 Spurrier game.

We were in the archives at one point and came across an old photo of Duke heading off to a bowl game and some friendly UNC fans holding a sign which wished Duke well.

That was in the '30s. Things have changed since then.

If you remember, after UNC's win last year at Duke, the noted scholars spray painted the visitor's locker room. Our joke at the time was that they expected to get credit for an art class.

Hey, independent study.

If Duke wins, we realize this can't happen, but we'd love it if it did: it'd be great if Duke took stencils into the UNC locker room and spray painted great lines of literature (ideally in languages other than English) and great works of art. Surely you can get a stencil of the Mona Lisa or the Scream.

It would be a great reply to UNC's crass behavior.