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Blue Healers: Your Auction Bids Make A Big Difference

Here's an update on the remarkable Berg family and what they're doing in Africa.

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As you can see from this photo, Kenyan medical needs are great and your bids for Blue Healer tickets really do make a difference.
As you can see from this photo, Kenyan medical needs are great and your bids for Blue Healer tickets really do make a difference.
Oli Scarff/Getty Images is up and running with ticket auctions for every Duke men's basketball home game. As has always been the case, the goal of the site is to help provide for the medical needs of the world's poor. This year's basketball ticket auctions will again support the work of Dr. Timothy Berg and his family, who moved from Texas to Africa to serve impoverished people without access to healthcare. The following is an update from Dr. Berg.

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After three years of serving at Kibogora Hospital in rural, southwest Rwanda, we moved this August to Kijabe, Kenya. I will teach surgical residents at Kijabe Hospital and my wife Linda is teaching British Literature to 12th graders at Rift Valley Academy (RVA).

We love Rwanda and the Rwandan people, and there remains an intensely serious and dire medical need there. We miss it terribly. The reasons for leaving are complicated and multi-faceted, but essentially boil down to the sustainability of our efforts to serve the people of Africa. Those interested in a more detailed explanation can visit our blog to read more.

Teaching residents at the PAACS Program at Kijabe Hospital and teaching students at RVA are both behind the scenes mission jobs. I am working to increase the number of surgeons on this beautiful continent, to help fill that serious need. 93% of Sub-Saharan Africa has no access to surgical services. Untreated surgical conditions now kill more people than HIV, TB and Malaria combined.

Linda is supporting the many missionaries throughout Africa who need a school for their children so they can remain in the field. Three of our own children are attending school at RVA.

While sad to be away from Rwanda and all that we love in that place, we are excited about our new positions and the work that awaits us here. We feel privileged to join the teams at both of these very respected institutions!

In addition to supporting the Bergs through the BlueHealers auctions, online donations can be made through the Christian Health Service Corps.