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Harry Giles Has "Slight" ACL Injury; Will Announce College Decision Friday

Previously it was to be November 12th but now will be tomorrow on ESPN.

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Harry Giles suffers another knee injury.
Harry Giles suffers another knee injury.
Francois Nel/Getty Images

Harry Giles has "slightly" torn his right ACL. There's no word yet on his status and no indication of whether or not surgery will be required. It's obviously a tough break for a kid everyone likes and respects.

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What it may do is to underscore a quiet advantage Duke has in his recruitment which is first Duke Medical Center and second superb resources for athletic training. Duke is bleeding edge in both.

Seth Greenberg says the injury won't have much impact on his recruitment:

"This in no way will have any impact on his recruitment. You’re talking about a guy with one of the most unique skill sets since LeBron James. And his skill set as much as his athleticism has defined his game.  The programs that were recruiting him will no doubt continue to have him as their top priority, and next year at this time you expect him to be playing at a high level. His game is defined by his skill set, not just his athleticism. He injured his other knee a year ago and made a full recovery."