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ACC Men’s Home Games Since Latest Expansion

Be it ever so hostile, there's no place like home.

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A school gets nine homes games in ACC competition, and nine road games, a basic level of fairness. That means the remainder of home contests are selected by choice, since they’re optional outings against non-conference teams.

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This is not only a matter of some importance to season ticketholders, but a factor in calibrating the relative ease or difficulty of a schedule.

Obviously, unless fans have grown dissatisfied with the coach or are too jaded to pay attention, there’s a level of support for a home team that translates into an advantage. The stronger the support – see Stadium, Cameron Indoor – the greater the intangible edge provided.

Home dates also are preferable because they’re convenient, allowing a basketball team to stick to comfortable surroundings, and of course to readily meet players’ academic responsibilities.

And while it doesn’t apply directly to a home court edge, greater ticket and concession revenues earned in hosting games can be used to enhance budgets for such items as recruiting, which in the long run surely affect team performance.

Which leads us to a cute little truth that’s apparently a carryover from the Big East: schools added in the league’s latest expansions are among ACC leaders in packing their schedules with home cooking.

The most glaring exceptions to that rule of Big East nest-padding are Miami and especially Boston College, which draw poorly in their pro-oriented surroundings, and therefore apparently don’t mind a bit of travel.

Then there’s N.C. State, which barely slid into the NCAA field in each of the past few seasons, aided by playing an unashamedly large portion of games at its friendly Raleigh arena.

ACC Men’s Home Games Since Latest Expansion
School 2016 2015 2014 Total Avg.
UL 19 19 NA 38 19.0
NS 18 20 19 57 19.0
PU 19 18 19 56 18.7
ND 16 19 19 56 18.7
SU 17 20 18 55 18.3
VT 18 18 18 54 18.0
Mi 17 19 16 52 17.3
D 18 16 17 51 17.0
GT 18 16 17 51 17.0
C 17 17 17 51 17.0
WF 15 18 18 51 17.0
NC 16 15 18 49 16.3
V 15 16 17 48 16.0
BC 17 17 13 47 15.7
FS 14 18 15 47 15.7