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Football: Duke Closes Out Home Play With Pitt

Next time we see Wallace Wade stadium, the team will be very different.

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Senior Jeremy Cash is having a phenomenal senior season for Duke.
Senior Jeremy Cash is having a phenomenal senior season for Duke.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often, whether it's early fall or in March when things happen so fast, sports and games overlap and it's (briefly) hard for us to keep up.

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With two basketball games and a football game between Friday and Saturday, this qualifies. Fortunately, the great Al Featherston did such a great football/preview here that we can't add much to it.

We would be remiss though if we didn't note that this is the last home game this year and how much growth this year's senior class has witnessed and been a part of. Seeing the revival of Duke football has been a powerful experience and all fans should be grateful for what these guys have done. We certainly are.

A bowl game is a certainty and fter Pitt, Duke still visits Virginia and Wake Forest and so still has a chance to win 10 games.

We've very quickly gotten used to success, but a lot of hard work has gone into this. As Duke takes the field for the final time, let's remember what we owe the seniors, the coaching staff and especially coach David Cutcliffe, who has done things no one thought possible.