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First Games Matching ACC Teams, Annually Since Expansion in 2005

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Not long ago the scheduling of the first conference games of the season was a source of not very muted dissatisfaction within ACC coaching ranks. Apparently some coaches felt put upon when chosen to be the early combatants or, in their eyes, sacrificial lambs.

Worse, note was taken that the league’s powers, namely Duke and North Carolina, were spared the indignity and inconvenience of batting leadoff after the first few years of expansion.

More recently, ACC openers have come later in the schedule. In fact this is the third time in the past five seasons the turn of the calendar year more or less marks the start of ACC play.

The earliest any intra-league game was played was Dec. 3 in 2007. The preceding year, defying claims of scheduling favoritism, Duke opened on Dec. 4 at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The Blue Devils rallied to edge Virginia Tech on a 40-footer at the buzzer by senior Sean Dockery, a nifty playmaker and defender not noted as a shooter.

First Games Matching ACC Teams, Annually Since Expansion in 2005
Year Date

Competing Teams

2016 Dec. 30 Syracuse at Pitt, Clemson at UNC
2015 Dec.6 Wake at NC State
2014 Dec. 8 Virginia Tech at Miami
2013 Jan. 5 BC at NC State, Florida State at Clemson, Wake at Duke.
Miami at Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech at Maryland
2012 Jan. 7 Duke at Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech at Wake, BC at UNC,
Florida State at Clemson, Miami at Virginia
2011 Dec. 5 Virginia at Virginia Tech
2010 Dec. 6 Miami at BC
2009 Dec. 21 Clemson at Miami
2008 Dec. 9 BC at Maryland
2007 Dec. 3 Georgia Tech at Miami, NC State at Virginia
2006 Dec. 4 Virginia Tech at Duke, Virginia at Georgia Tech
2005 Dec. 19 Florida State at Maryland, UNC at Virginia Tech