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On Halloween, Vs. Miami, Duke Got Tricked

Duke got jobbed. That's the only way to put it.

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Here at DBR, from Day One, our policy has always been not to criticize the officials unless they make/blow  call that decides a game.

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Saturday is the exception that proves the rule.

You might be able to argue the penalty which was reversed after nearly 10 minutes of review, but before his turn to lateral, Mark Walton's knee was clearly on the turf. You can see that very clearly on SB Nation's thorough breakdown of Miami's 8-lateral play to get to the end zone.

As we said, you can argue whether the penalty on the block - also by Walton - was legal, but what you can't argue is this: it is not a reviewable play.  You can only review that kind of play if there is an "egregious" error - and there was not.

So basically, yes, Duke made a magnificent comeback and was screwed not once, but twice, by the officials.

In the last six seconds.

David Cutcliffe has promised to make a stink with the ACC offices, and he may get an apology - in fact, he should - but the odds of getting these, well, egregious errors overturned are slim to none.

If you'd like to express yourself to the conference, you can do that here. Please do so politely.