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Notre Dame Gets A Very Strange Lawsuit

Where do we even start?

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Notre Dame's got a very strange lawsuit to deal with.
Notre Dame's got a very strange lawsuit to deal with.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In this lawsuit, it is alleged that a Notre Dame academic coach pressured a male African American student into having sex with her daughter and that further, she arranged sexual encounters with football and basketball players.

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There are also allegations that she threatened him when he tried to end it, that she referred him to a counselor friend who tried to medicate him into passivity, and that attempts were made to coerce him into converting into Catholicism.

There's this delightful passage from the filing: "[The unnamed woman] initiated, directed and coordinated a sexually and racially motivated inappropriate and demeaning relationship" with her daughter.

If this is true - and that is not at all proven - the only evident differences between this woman and Louisville's Katina Powell is that Powell had under age daughters to corrupt and that they were better compensated.