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Recruiting: Markkanen Spurns Heels For Arizona

He'll be very useful for Sean Miller and the Wildcats.

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Recruiting may be giving Ol' Roy Williams the blues.
Recruiting may be giving Ol' Roy Williams the blues.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

You would think that with his dad having played for Roy Williams at Kansas that UNC could have landed Finnish big man Lauri Markkanen, but it didn't happen as he has committed to Arizona.

It might have been the uncertainty of the NCAA situation, which has led Williams to complain previously about how that affects recruiting and that would be understandable.

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Or maybe it was just as simple as weather.

Markkanen grew up in one of the colder countries on earth, in a town called Jyväskylä, which is in the lower third of Finland, in the middle of the country in a region called Lakeland.

The northern part of Finland is extremely cold, but it's not like the rest of the country gets off the hook. In winter, Jyväskylä only gets about five hours of daylight and summers are brief, recalling an old joke: what you do in the summer in Wyoming?

If it comes on the weekend, have a picnic.

Bada bing!

So aside from playing opportunities and a lack of NCAA issues, Markkanen may simply like the idea of strolling around in February with his flip-flops on and days that lasts longer than five hours.

Pro tip for young Markkanen: watch out for Valley Fever!

Next up for UNC is the sublimely name Seventh Woods, set to announce on November 11th.