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Come To Al Featherston's Book Signing At The Regulator!

Pick up his new book and hang out and talk some hoops with an ACC sportswriting legend.

What if Jackie Robinson hadn't been the first?
What if Jackie Robinson hadn't been the first?
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Our pal Al Featherston is doing a book signing tonight at the Regulator tonight at 7:00 pm, and you're invited! Come by and pick up a signed copy and visit.

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In a nutshell, Al's new book, The Makings Of Heroes, is about Bill Veeck's claim that he would have integrated baseball in 1943 when so many players were at war, and what might have happened.

Al's more than happy to talk basketball too. We can guarantee you'll hear stories about the ACC you never dreamed of. He's a great guy and an outstanding writer.

You'll have a wonderful time and you'll be supporting a writer you already appreciate and a great bookstore. And you get to talk hoops!