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Stuart Scott Dies At 49

What an immensely likeable guy. We'll miss him a lot.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN reports that Stuart Scott has died of cancer at 49. As you probably know, he's had more than one bout with that terrible disease and fought like a lion. No one could have done better.

Scott was one of ours, meaning of the ACC and the Triangle. He was a UNC guy through and through and naturally we respected that.

He had immense energy and was a lot of fun. He took some of ESPN's stuffiness and shredded it.

Like most of you we lament his passing from a distance. For his family and loved ones, it's a devastating loss.

For us around here, Scott is one more sports figure we've lost to cancer - Everett Case, Jim Valvano, Kay Yow and now Scott.

He was from all appearances a good man. He should've had decades left.

How to honor him? Make a toast next time you get a chance, and when you get settled in at night, remember his great catch phrase: cool as the other side of the pillow. We expect he'd have appreciated that.