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Sulaimon Dismissed From Program

Not what we expected on a Thursday afternoon.

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With minimal speculation, here's what we can tell you about what happened with Rasheed Sulaimon Thursday, when he was told he was no longer a Blue Devil.

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As a bit of background, check out the Duke Chronicle's  rundown of highlights and lowlights of to Sulaimon's career.

The Chronicle speculates in a couple of spots, or appears to anyway. We can believe that Sulaimon was a moody teammate, but no proof is cited. Nor is there any proof that he was "kicked out of practices this year" or that something happened on the Notre Dame trip that was "the last straw."

Still, it's a logical scenario, although Duke officials stressed that Sulaimon was in good academic standing, and the N&O's Laura Keeley scanned a database and reported that he has not been arrested.

Mike DeCourcy says that nothing drastic happened on the Notre Dame trip, which pretty much confirms the general public account. Something happened, something was the trigger, the last straw. But it wasn't anything huge, just the last piece in a pattern.

So what now?

Obviously Matt Jones will be playing a lot more as Duke goes from a four-man backcourt to a three. And a health Justise Winslow would help too. Depth will be an ongoing concern for the rest off the klds.