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ACC Roundup - The Conference Goes Hypercompetitive

The ACC has always been incredibly competitive, but lately, it's gone to a level we haven't seen for awhile.

The Clemson bench, enjoying the rout of NC State
The Clemson bench, enjoying the rout of NC State
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Since conference play started, it's been really clear that the new ACC is hyper competitive, and that was underscored again on Wednesday. Just look around: Duke and Notre Dame put on a tremendous game, 9-11 BC wouldn't let #10 Louisville run away, Florida State and 9-13 Wake Forest went to double OT, while Clemson traveled to Raleigh and laid a very uncommon road whipping on a Tobacco Road team.

No Games Thursday
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 7-0 1.00 19-0 1.00
Notre Dame 8-1 .889 21-2 .913
North Carolina 7-1 .875 18-4 .818
Louisville 5-2 .714 18-3 .857
Syracuse 5-3 .625 14-8 .636
Duke 4-3 .571 17-4 .810
Miami 4-3 .571 14-7 .667
Clemson 4-4 .500 14-8 .636
NC State 4-5 .444 13-10 .565
Pitt 3-5 .375 13-9 .591
Florida State 3-5 .375 12-10 .545
Virginia Tech 1-6 .143 10-11 .476
Boston College 1-6 .143 9-11 .450
Georgia Tech 1-7 .125 11-10 .524
Wake Forest 1-7 .125 9-13 .409
Wednesday's Results
  • Florida State 82 Wake Forest 76 (2 OT)
  • Notre Dame 77 Duke 73
  • Louisville 81 BC 72
  • Georgia Tech 70 Miami 50
  • Clemson 68 NC State 57

It's hard to underscore just how thoroughly Clemson dominated State. It was on the verge of shocking, frankly, with the Tigers taking a halftime lead of 36-16.

State was much better in the second half and cut into the lead pretty deeply, but never could come back.

For the Pack, it was pretty catostrophic. The Duke win was nice, but since then, State's gone 1-4 and could've won against UNC, Miami and Notre Dame.

The Clemson loss may push them off the bubble. And the Tigers? The Tigers are hitting a pretty sweet spot with upcoming games against BC, FSU, Miami, Virginia Tech and two against Georgia Tech.

Notre Dame and Duke are in there too, but Clemson could finish that stretch 6-2, which might get them on the bubble.

Wake had a 15 point lead and had the lead in both overtimes but couldn't get it done. But they were right there.

And what got into the Yellow Jackets? After an 0-7 start, Tech got feisty and blew out #23 Miami.

Marcus Georges-Hunt had a great game, shooting 10-12 and racking up 24 points.

Interestingly, Brian Gregory adjusted his lineup and brought Charles Mitchell off the bench. Robert Sampson, one of Ralph's many Ralphlettes, got the start instead.

And look at BC: with five minutes to left, the Eagles trailed #10 Louisville by just one, 62-61.

Louisville won obviously, but look at what happend Wednesday night: the bottom three teams, with three wins between them, all had tremendous efforts. It was a remarkable situation.

There's no question now that the ACC, as currently composed, has hit a level of competitiveness that's brutally unforgiving. You have to bring it every night or you're going to get squashed. There's no way around it.