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Julius Hodge Tells A Good Coach K Story

Former Pack star enjoyed passing this on

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Julius Hodge has always been really clear about his opinion of UNC and, to a lesser extent of Duke: he hates UNC and doesn't mind a Duke stumble.

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So he's not the guy you'd normally expect to hear a great Coach K story from, but in this case, he has one.

It came to him from pass-through Blue Devil Taylor King, who played at Duke in 2008 before moving on...and on...and on.

Hodge said on this podcast that he and King had been or were teammates somewhere - apparently with Great Britain's Cheshire Phoenix though we could be wrong about that - and that King told him a story involving Coach K, a well-known movie and a rather serious sounding sword.

You can hear the story here and if by any chance we got the wrong episode check here. It's pretty early in the episode.