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NCAA Takes A Look At SMU, Academics

To borrow the old Jerry Tarkanian line, the NCAA is so mad at UNC that it might put SMU on probation. That's funny, but it could be a tough break for a former Duke player.

Larry Brown may have NCAA issues again
Larry Brown may have NCAA issues again
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that's sort of gone under the radar this week are allegations about cheating at Larry Brown's SMU.

This is interesting for multiple reasons: first, Brown's history at Kansas. Second,  Brown's well-known dislike of the NCAA. Third, Brown's very wel known history of restlessness. And fourth, Semi Ojeleye.

Essentially, SMU's Keith Frazier's high school GPA is being questioned and assistant Ulric Maligi may be involved (he's on leave currently).

But this has raised questions about former Mustangs Justin Martin and Markus Kennedy as well, which could take it from being a problem to a potential pattern.

Incidentally, we wonder if it has anything to do with "Mr. White," who we discussed recently, or his methods of gaining eligibility for players.

That leads to another pattern, which is Brown's legendary tendency to balk and walk. His high school buddy, the late Duke great Art Heyman, said that Brown was only happy when he was unhappy.

Between this situation and the miss on high school phenom Emmanuel Mudiay - also apparently because of academics - Brown has plenty to be unhappy about.

Unfortunately, given his age and reputation, despite his great gifts, he's running out of takers. He might have seen SMU as a temporary place to work, make a mark and get back to the NBA, but that's not working out so well if so.

There's always overseas work, but that probably isn't very appealing.

All of which leads us back to Ojeleye.

The former Blue Devil is an outstanding student and a talented player. He chose SMU because Brown was there to teach. Given the storm clouds, given Brown's own history, that may or may not work out as he hoped.

On the bright side, whether Brown stays goes or is asked to leave, at least he missed Matt Doherty.