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Former Devils Austin Rivers, Shavlik Randolph Traded

Rivers goes to L.A. Clippers, where he'll be coached by his dad; Randolph returns to Boston, where he was previously a respected reserve.

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Austin Rivers looks West for a revival of his NBA fortunes
Austin Rivers looks West for a revival of his NBA fortunes
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the trade of Austin Rivers to the L.A. Clippers, where his father Doc will be his coach, the NBA enters into unfamiliar territory: there is apparently no known instance of a father coaching his son in the league.

The trade affects a number of former ACC and Duke players: JJ Redick gets a new teammate with the Clips. Reggie Bullock goes to Phoenix and Shavlik Randolph goes from Phoenix back to Boston, where he was much appreciated by management for his attitude, hustle and energy.

For young Rivers, it's an interesting situation. He was just traded to the Celtics, who then turned around and shipped him West as part of a three-team trade (Cleveland was also involved). NBA nightlife is legendary - what happens if he goes out and has a big night? And his dad's your coach?

As for Boston, the Celtics are approaching the upcoming drafts like a buffet bar. It's pretty involved and there are lots of contingencies, but between now and 2018, the Celtics have a ton of picks.

They might take them all. Or they might bundle several and trade to get, say, Jahlil Okafor on draft day (that assumes that Boston doesn't win the draft lottery).

The Celtics have pulled off four trades in five days, which the Boston Globe thinks might be a record.