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ACC Roundup - A Big Dose Of Uncertainty

A lot of turns and changes, both in the ACC and nationally.

Syracuse suffers a real blow with the loss of Chris McCullough to an ACL injury
Syracuse suffers a real blow with the loss of Chris McCullough to an ACL injury
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

As we expected, when the polls came out Monday, there were the beginnings of a move away from Kentucky as a unanimous #1: Virginia moved up to #2 and got two votes.

Tuesday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Virginia Tech @ Louisville 7:00 RSN
Clemson @ Virginia 8:00 ACCN
Wake Forest @ Syracuse 8:00 ACCCN
Miami @ Duke 9:00 ESPNU
Schools Conf W-L Conf PCT W-L PCT
Virginia 3-0 1.00 16-0 1.00
Syracuse 3-0 1.00 12-4 .750
Notre Dame 3-1 .750 15-3 .833
NC State 3-1 .750 12-5 .706
Duke 2-1 .667 14-1 .933
Louisville 2-1 .667 14-2 .875
North Carolina 2-1 .667 13-4 .765
Miami 1-1 .500 12-4 .750
Pitt 1-2 .333 11-6 .647
Clemson 1-2 .333 10-6 .625
Florida State 1-2 .333 9-7 .562
Wake Forest 1-3 .250 9-8 .529
Virginia Tech 0-2 .000 8-7 .533
Georgia Tech 0-3 .000 9-6 .600
Boston College 0-3 .000 7-8 .467

It might have been a bigger move had Duke not lost to NC State (and then fallen to #4 in both polls).

Virginia got two votes in the AP poll and one in the coaches poll (now stop that Bennett!).

Louisville is #6. Notre Dame is #12 in both, UNC is #15 and #16

Syracuse got four votes in the coaches poll, but that was before word got out about Chris McCullough's ACL injury. He's out for the year, which really makes life more difficult for the 'Cuse.

It also pretty much guarantees he'll be back next year. It's asking a lot for a team to take a chance on a still unproven freshman with a balky knee. He'd be much better off with another year to prove he's sound.

There's a fair amount of turmoil among the top teams around the country. Wisconsin's Traevon Jackson is out for six weeks with a fractured foot. Frank Kaminsky has a concussion and we're not sure that Sam Dekker has fully recovered from his ankle woes.

And at Kentucky, there is a possible point guard controversy as Tyler Ulis is currently outplaying incumbent Andrew Harrison, who, for now, retains his role in the backcourt alongside twin brother Aaron. John Calipari:

"Have we lost our edge? Have we lost our swagger? Have we lost a little bit of our focus? ... And the question becomes, how do we get it back? And if we lost it, what are the reasons that we lost it?

"We're not exactly where we were, and that's all good because I don't want us to be like it's March right now."

Fair in most respects, but don't think for a minute that Calipari is suggesting, as he seems to be, that Kentucky's struggles are a positive.

If it were a question of putting the brakes on, he could just move the starters around, change the rotation a bit, but he's not doing that.

Like Kentucky, Duke is also not where it was, and Arizona has really fallen off a good bit. Calipari's essential point is correct: except for perhaps Wisconsin, there's plenty of time.