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Aquille Carr To Play In Canada This Season

Baltimore's Crimestopper looks to be starting a nomadic career.

Aquille Carr is not where he expected to be, but he still has time to make it to the NBA.
Aquille Carr is not where he expected to be, but he still has time to make it to the NBA.

Remember the Crimestopper? Aquille Carr is an athletic freak, a 5-6 guard who so enthralled Baltimore fans while in high school that he was given his nickname because everyone came to see him play - hence no crime.

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He was going to play at Seton Hall before he decided to try pro ball right out of high school.

That hasn't worked out to well for a number of reasons.

First, there just aren't that many 5-6 guys in the NBA. We can only think of a handful ever under 5-9 - Muggsy Bogues, Spud Webb, Isaiah Thomas and Charlie Criss among them. The greatest was probably Calvin Murphy, a 5-9 dynamo who terrified half the league. He got into one memorable fight with 6-9 Sidney Wicks where he jumped up, grabbed Wicks by the Afro, and beat the crap out of him.

Murphy was a Golden Gloves boxer too. No one messed with him in general and after he destroyed Wicks, no one dared crossed him again.

Still, a small guard is pretty unusual and we can't think of one who made it without a solid college career.

Given Carr's lack of formal training and his well-documented immaturity, it's no surprise that he hasn't made it yet.

Still, his talent is outrageous, and people will pay to see the little man play. He'll be balling for the St. John's River Rats in  New Brunswick. It's a good ways from Baltimore though still on the Atlantic, and light years from the NBA.  We have no idea what he'll be making, but it's not going to be what he thought he'd be getting.