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A Look At This Year's Uniforms And Semi Ojeleye's New Number

You don't have to toss the baby out with the bath water to get a fresh look.

No more #20 for Semi Ojeleye
No more #20 for Semi Ojeleye
Grant Halverson

Duke modeled the new uniforms Thursday on picture day, and as usual, it's a more classic look, than say Louisville's new togs.

One uniform note: Seme Ojeleye has turned in his #20 for #30.

If you're a bit superstitious, it's a good move. Gene Banks wore #20 and had a great career, though the middle of it was somewhat rough.

Since then, #20 hasn't done that well. Chris Collins wore it and had an up and down career with some injuries. Solid, but not what he probably expected (he's currently making his real mark as a coach).  Mike Chappell wore it before transferring to Michigan State. Casey Sanders had an erratic career. Andre Dawkins had it too but his well-known issues with depression made his basketball career much more difficult than it might have been otherwise.

Taylor King, too. Enough said.

Last two guys to take #30?

Seth Curry and Jon Scheyer.

All in all, we'd take #30 too.