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FSU Extends Winston's Suspension To Both Halves Of Clemson Game

Despite evidence to the contrary, Florida State University can still be embarrassed. But where in the world is Jimbo?

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Is Florida State finally losing patience with Jameis Winston?
Is Florida State finally losing patience with Jameis Winston?
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Saying that he had not been entirely truthful about the incident, Florida State went ahead and suspended Jameis Winston for the entire Clemson game after his stupid recitation of an obscene internet meme in the Florida State student union this week.

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Curiously, however, the announcement was made in a one-sentence statement signed by TempPrez Garnett Stokes and athletics director Stan Wilcox, who was at Duke before going to Florida State. Conspicuously absent from the decision: head coach Jimbo Fisher.

This is very likely to result in rumors, true or not, about how the decision was made and tensions between Fisher and his bosses and at schools like Florida State, getting into a power struggle with the football coach is not typically a wise career move.

Given the focus and pressure on criminal behavior by NFL athletes though, this was probably inevitable.